Todays rounds: Have we been skiing Keystone A-51 today? Yes!  – Are we jetlaged? Yes!  – Is it worth it, when you can ski everyday in the best park worldwide? Yes Yes Yes!!!

Lars-Håkon and Elvis on the way up to Keystone. 8.30 bus up, early in the park = no lift-lines. Got here late night yesterday, and woke up at 7.30 today. I didn’t think I was jetlaged until noon today. BOOM. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like someone dragged all your energy out of your body in seconds. Hard to keep the energy up while skiing.

I forgot to take pictures of the jumpline in keystone, but I will show you later. It’s pretty retarded!! 1 setup jump (stepdown) 10 meter apx. Then two large roll-over jumps with a lot of hangtime, apx 20 metres to the knuckle. 10 000 rails and other setups as well. Superfun!  Tomorrow is going to be as today, sunny and warm.

Smiley-faces all over the place. I was just cruising the park today, trying to get into it again. Big jumps are a bit more challenging than small ones. Had a hard time getting enough speed for the last one. 180 to the knuckle every time wasn’t too cool.

This is my home for the next month. Hans-Jacob straight ahead.

Went to Safe-way and bought a shitload of meat + eggs. 50 eggs and several kg’s of meat. Haha. I am not planning on starving while skiing every day!

Think I am going to bed pretty soon. Close to 9.00 PM here i CO, and my jetlag is not giving me a break.

Bringing the HD cam to the slopes tomorrow! Follows all day, that’s what’s up.