Alright, we know. You've all been to Keystone, Colorado before. You've all heard about it numerous times and don't see why another article is needed on the place. Truth be told, this article won't be groundbreaking by any means. In fact, this article will do close to nothing for you. What this article will do, however, is show the true appreciation for good skiing by a kid stuck in the mid-west.

Keystone, Colorado. Where do I start? Well, technically, I start at the Peru lift and take it all the way to the top of the A-51 park, but I what I really mean is: How do I begin to show my appreciation for one of the greatest resorts in North America? I guess I could start with the some of the greatest people at one of the greatest resorts in North America. Let me put it this way: I never saw one frown the entire time I was blessed to be out there. Everyone there was as stoked as I was even if they skied Key every weekend. Maybe it was the faint hint of weed going through the air constantly, but I think it goes beyond THC. Everyone there is friends with everyone else and it's as easy to meet someone as it is to make fun of Nick Goepper.

Posted up at the bottom of the I-70 Terrain Park

Next, the parks. If you don't like the Keystone parks, then I don't know what's wrong with you. Huge props to the park crew for constantly getting after it and making sure every lip onto every rail and every jump is in pristine condition for the daily riders. That takes serious dedication due to the size of the park(s). Anyway, it's impossible to ride the chairlift up and not get stoked on what's going down below you. I remember my neck getting sore from craning it in every direction to catch glimpses of what people were throwing down. Obviously, riding it is much better, but riding with friends and inspirations is better than that. Jaron Stadler goon-ed it up with me on the first few runs of my second day in the park and showed everyone that quality will always be better than quantity. Seeing pro's left and right might be the norm for everyone out west, but to a kid coming out of Missouri, it's pretty damn cool.

Throwing a 1-Footer variation on a box in the I-70 Terrain Park

Lastly, Colorado as a whole. This is the place for me. There is no doubt about it. Once high school is over and done with, I'm moving my ass out here pronto and skiing every damn day I can. Denver is definitely one of the coolest cities to explore when you're not skiing or attending a school out there. And as for Keystone, getting up early and skiing all day. What's not to like?

Just relaxin' at the bottom of a run

Thanks for reading everyone. This may not have been as exciting as The Facebook Interviews, but, hey, I have to express my appreciation for our sport once in a while.