Today was a fun day in Oregon, people are still skiing on the mountain and today some fun action went down downtown at Wabi Sabi (a small Japanese shop that sells Kendamas),

Turner helped put on a Kendama contest.  Lots of kids came out to hang out and compete for some special kendama prizes. I personally have never seen so many kids with Kendama’s in one place so it was a fun time to meet some of the kids who are hooked on Kendama.

About 30 kids entered the contest, there was beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories.  The Local Media was very interested in the new little crafty toy.  The newspaper did an article on the little shop Wabi Sabi and the KOHD news was there to get a story for the 6 o’clock news.  You can check it out here!

The local news came out to cover the event.

Food vendors were out for the event
The game, similar to HORSE played in basketball, elimination rounds were had until the winner was determined
Yet another Battle
Robots on the sidewalk chalked up
Wabi Sabi is the coolest little shop in town

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