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Kelly Sildaru, 2018 Olympic hopeful & wonderkid, tore her ACL a few weeks ago and went under the knife on September 26th. She is officially done for the winter & out of the Olympics.

Leading up to the surgery, several doctors & recovery options were sought out but in the end, surgery was the best course of action. "Yesterday during followup testing, when the swelling in her knee had gone down more, clear signs of instability were visible in the tests," Rahu said. "This, in turn, meant that one conservative form of treatment that had been weighed, which would have allowed us to avoid operating, was eliminated. The operation confirmed that the ACL in her left knee had torn completely and the meniscus required operation as well."

After post-op evaluations, doctors determined that she "is expected to make a full recovery, but rehabilitation is to follow which will demand a great deal of effort and discipline of the athlete," Dr. Madis Rahu, the surgeon who operated on Kelly, stated.

Kelly issued a statement addressing the surgery & what her future plans are:

"I thank everyone who has helped and supported me during these very difficult weeks," Sildaru said. "Thank you to Madis Rahu and Mihkel Mardna, who provided us with all the information we needed to determine the best treatment so that I prepare as much as possible for next season. I will participate in the Olympic Games as a spectator this time, and I will obviously be the biggest fan to my fellow competitors."

We wish you a speedy recovery Kelly & hope to see you back out on snow sooner rather than later!