Today I left home a little later, since my legs where spaghetti after yesterdays double action on the trampoline. Arman Sellæg looks like a lonely wolf in the gray snow here, but as a matter of fact he wasn’t.

Today was just as yesterday. Cold and sunny. Really enjoyable to say the least. The snowblowers looks amazingly fresh in the sunlight early mornings. Cool!

Can’t complaint when this is what you get everyday, huh?

…or this? MMMM… Fresh!

I shredded the park with a smile on my face all day. This is really the life I want to live, and something I can learn to love!

Got my POC helmet back from print at Nobeldsign  today. I also put on a few extra stickers to support my other main sponsors. I think it got pretty cool. The Bomba print got pretty good, the guys at the print have done a good job!

Time to do some stretching and leg-exercise. Ciao!