I’ve got patellar tendinitis in both of my knees. It hurts like crazy and is not going away by itself. So, a couple weeks ago I asked my twitter followers if they had any remedies. Thankfully @outsidehilary (from Outsidemedia) told me about KT Tape.

KT Tape is an elastic athletic tape that has been used by pro athletes for decades, but is now available to every consumer. KT Tape:

Provides pain relief for common injuries such as Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, runner?s knee, shin splints, ITBS, hamstring strains, sore calves, neck, back, and shoulder pain and more.

Supports sore or injured muscles, joints, and tendons without restricting motion like compression bands or wraps. KT Tape is like a brace, but better, and even more comfortable to wear.

Sounds good, but does it work? Well, I’ve had my knee taped up all day and I’m damn impressed with the stuff so far. The application was a bit tough, however I’m sure I’ll get better at it in the next month. Also should be noted that I’ve had two showers with the tape on today and it is holding on like a champ. According to the box you can go 5+ days without having to re-apply.

Hopefully, with KT tape, some proper stretching and anti-inflamatory drugs I’ll be back to 100% in no time. I’ll keep you posted.