$ki BloCK Films proudly presents there first full length film, Kooter Brown! For only 5$!

This year was a tough year for us. The season started off really slow, not getting any form of snow until about February. The entire month of January was rain and 50° weather, and because of that, our home mountain, Mt. Snow, was never able to open “The Longest Park on the East that never was”. So unfortunately for us, we were stuck on a park called Un Blanco Gulch, and if you’ve ever been to Mt. Snow, you’d know it’s not very big.

Then on March 12, something terrible happened that none of us would have ever expected. One of our best friends who we skied with every weekend, Alex Cohn, passed away from a rare combination of Meningitis and Encephalitis. He is greatly missed and we will never forget about him. RIP Alex. We dedicate our video to you.

Kooter Brown shows tons of talent from East Coast up and comers who do a lot more than most people would think. Watch Parker and Chris do craziness in the air and everywhere, Ian Compton kill rails (and his amazing jump skills), lots of other madness like Mike Wilson flipping of a rail, and also an Alex Cohn dedication last part!

The video includes all the incredible east coast skiing of:

-Alex Cohn

-Parker White

-Ian Compton

-Chris Logan

-Nick Miles

-Pat Cowan

-Jack Borland

-Nick Gower

-Mikey Scheufele

-Darren Scheufele

-And Many More.

Shot on location in Mt. Snow, Killington, Stratton, Okemo, Utah, Steamboat, Urban Locations, and tons of other places that I can’t think of!

Well, the video is now on sale! Since we currently don’t have the funds or technical skills to make a website, you can’t order the video from that.

But, you have two options of paying. If you have paypal, you can send 5$ (yeah, that’s all) to jborland09@nmhschool.org, and I will ship you your video right away.

If you do not have paypal, and don’t want to get one, you can mail me the money. But you need to email me at jborland09@nmhschool.org first. Also feel free to email me with any questions or anything at all.

If you haven’t seen the teaser yet, peep it!


And the B-Footage Edit.


Thank you NIG for hosting our stuff!