Back at the beginning of the summer, K2 team riders Shea Flynn, Clayton Vila, Sean Jordan and others posted up at the K2 House in the shadow of Mount Hood to film for the second season of Summer School, and the results spoke for themselves on K2's new and exciting media-driven website,

In case you missed them, here's a look at the first three rock solid episodes and the recently released fourth and final installment of the series, along with some thoughts from the one and only Shea Flynn on his time at Mount Hood.

K2 Summer School Episode 1

"I had a really great time this summer in Hood," says Flynn. "The first month (May) consisted mostly of rain and snow every day. In June, the sun started to come out more, and less days were spent inside. By the time July came there were tons of hesh girls at Charlie's & the Rat and the clouds were miniscule.

K2 Summer School Episode 2

"A lot of the Stept boys came out to visit including Charlie Owens, Nick Martini, Isaac Sokol, Jameson Walter and more. While there, we met German K2 riders Torge Nagel and Severin Guggemoos, whom were very fun to ski with and helped spread word of the K2 neighborhood."

K2 Summer School Episode 3

"I also met Pep Fujas for the first time this summer. I hadn't showered in a long time and my beard was pretty diesel at that point so I imagine he thought I was just a homeless guy looking for Bracher. I didn't get to ski with the general due to coaching at MHSSC, but nevertheless, I hung out with him enough to know that he is a boss. Shout-out to Pep, we were all amped as shit that you were out there this summer."

K2 Summer School Episode 4

"Big ups to our boy Andy Mahre as well. He was a huge help showing us the ropes in Hood as he has spent so much time out there. Another big thanks to Todd Bracher who held down the other K2 House with ease and kept us from going crazy all summer. My favorite memory of this summer would have to be when we were all out in Hood at the beginning of the summer, filming for The Eighty Six."

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