Newschoolers' Review:

"So they rip all mountain, they seem tough and they're loose enough to be fun when playing around. Sounds like they are flawless right? Not quite. For one thing they are fairly heavy at over 2,000g per ski in a 176. You can actually feel that difference in the air, in that they don't whip round as quickly or easily as the competition. Now this is a typical K2 ski 'issue' which is more of a sacrifice they seem to consciously make for durability. Personally, I like to feel the skis on my feet so I don't find this a big issue, especially given that the Poacher is narrower than what I usually ski. Technical tricks have never been my priority, so this isn't an issue for me but if it is the direction you want to go with your skiing, you might benefit from a lighter ski. But then you probably wouldn't want a 96mm waist anyway." - Twig

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Characteristics: Solid underfoot, stiff, all-mountain, charger

Manufacturer's Description:

The go-to park and all-mountain freestyle weapon of choice for K2 riders.

Sizes: 163, 170, 177, 184

Dimensions: 124-96-118

Radius: 19m @184cm