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[/url]K2 have simplified and consolidated there range for 2016-17. Gone are the Domain, the Shreditor 92, the Shreditor 102 and the Shreditor 112. In the place of those 4 skis are two new ones, the Marksman and the Poacher. I can really only say that both look banging. The Poacher is 96 underfoot, fairly stiff and with more rocker than the Shreditor 92. It's beefy as fuck, big edges, thick core, I'd expect these to be a bomber park charger. The Marksman is beautiful, featuring and asymmetric tip profiles and also fat edges (thank you K2). As long as you aren't too drunk to put your skis on the right way round, expect these to be a banger do it all ski. I cannot wait to get out on my demo pair of these, hopefully in the next few weeks.

Poacher - 124/96/118, Sight, Press

Powabunga, Pettitor and Marksman 130/106/125

Marksman and Poacher Rocker Profiles