Whistler, BC - Skiing around Blackcomb Glacier these days reveals new tricks, new trends, and new ski equipment. Newschoolers.com is the first to bring you info on the hype surrounding K2?s new ski: the Public Enemy.

We caught up to Pep Fujas who is sporting the hip-hop inspired ski. When asked how the new skis ride, the answer was short, to the point, and all-encompassing, ?These skis are the shit!!?

The Public Enemy is a huge deviation from the original Enemy with a twin tip tail, and sidewall construction, reminiscent of the new Rossi Scratch. The new construction is sure to defeat delaminating problems that have plagued K2 in the past. The ski will also be moving to a mid-fat shape like most new skis coming out this season.

The graphics on the Public Enemy are sending K2 in a new direction. The ski will sport a drawing with an urban theme, which is designed by Ryan Schmies. Accompanying the Public Enemy is the Seth Pistol, Seth Morrison?s new signature backcountry ski. Both skis are rumored for mid-season release in 2002-2003.

For all the latest on K2?s new direction, check out http://www.k2factoryteam.com (coming soon) and check back on Newschoolers.com.