Hello and Welcome to the K2 King of the Mountain, a brand new event looking to push the boundaries of skiers and snowboarders alike. Hosted at Canada’s premier freeride and powder capital, King of the Mountain is unlike any other public freeride event available today. A merger of freeride and freestyle, the unique placement of terrain at RMR will showcase an under the lift 2 day event focusing on a unique hand built freeride venue, as well as a custom slopestyle course.

The premise is simple, to meld the worlds of freeriding and freestyle. As athletes have grown and drifted from their park riding days, skills have developed elsewhere in the mountains. While a backcountry rider may score well on day 1, a park rider will be right at home on day 2. This is the competition to determine who the most well rounded rider on the mountain is.

The Details

- 2 day event open to Snowboarders and Skiers, Men and Women

- 1st day = 2 Runs on an ‘Enhanced’ freeride course located under the ‘Stoke Chair’

- 2nd day = 2 Runs on a custom slopestyle course in the Terrain Park

- Best score from both days tallied to complete final score

- Top score from Freeride section and Slopestyle section declared, “King of the Mountain”

March 3/4 2018 @ Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Entry Fee – $40.00

Helmets Mandatory

Lift tickets – Half price for Competitors

Pre-Registration Required – Sign up online @ https://www.facebook.com/events/197482504165116/