Cover photo: Jamie Walter / Athlete: Mark Hendrickson

K2 Skis has released their highly anticipated factory team video, Fire In The Sky.

Filmed at Mt. Hood earlier this summer, the visual masterpiece features factory team riders Pep Fujas, Mark Hendrickson, Clayton Vila, Brooke Potter, Sean Jordan and Dylan Sondrup. Fire In The Sky serves as a message to the freeskiing world: K2 is a freight train with no sign of stopping. "Serious fun" is their motto, and they'll continue sticking to it.

Prior to the release, I spoke with K2's Nick Meilleur (@nickmeilleur), who filmed and edited the project.

Ben: First things first...why is the edit called Fire In The Sky?

Nick: We got really lucky with our time at Mt. Hood and got an insane, blood red sunset for our evening shoot. Upon reviewing the shots, the sunset clips popped, and our in-house graphic designer Dan came up with that name. We figured the name also fit, considering the tricks everyone was throwing down on the big jump.

It seems like a lot of time went into the project, considering how many hammers were thrown down. How many days were spent filming this?

Two days! Originally we wanted to log in at least three, but after two days of shooting we were skunked by thick fog and snowfall that closed down Timberline.

How many days did the team spend at Mt. Hood together?

Five days! Outside of skiing, a lot of it was spent goofing around at Windells; skateboarding, shooting hoops, and playing Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. on N64.

Seems like you guys have a ton of fun.

There were too many funny moments to count. Like the backflip mini-booter sesh. While the shapers salted the jump and in-run, Dylan shaped a backflip booter by the hangout spot. Everyone started sending it, including the filmers and photographers. Also, our Team Manager (Kjell Ellefson) kept losing his demo skis in the air, which was always mad entertaining. He backflipped the mini-booter and landed one foot, and he also threw a cork 9 on the big jump and ejected backwards. He was okay.

We want more content! What can we look forward to from K2 this upcoming winter?

We definitely have more stuff coming in hot! Pep at Snowbird and Powderbird is going to be a fun edit. Amie and McKenna ripped around the resort as well which will be a sick Alliance edit. We also got some filming in at Park City with Dylan, which is going to be fire! Our friend Oliver Hoblitzelle is also coming out with some hot stuff with Dawn Of The Corkers…stay tuned for that! Those are just a few things to look forward to, more stuff in the works.

If you liked Fire In The Sky, check out K2's Furious Sun, released December 2015.