Drove home from juvass for the weekend. But now im back at Juvass! Even Sigstad witch is the parkshaper this year did some work on the jumps last night, and he did a great job! They got three sick jumps in a line and bunch of rails. All and all a really fun park! For me it's going well, My ankle is holding up just fine. Im trying my best not to push it and stick with the simple tricks so I don't mess it up again!
Im really bad at having my phone on me up here so I miss to document all the fun things we're doing up here. But usually after the hill it's either sk8ing, volleyball or soccer. We had a volleyball tournament yesterday and a soccer tournament today. Im happy to inform that my team (coaches) won both. Allthough I failed to take pics og this I got a pretty cool app called Hipstamatic that turns photo's into a old school form!
Christopher Frankum getting a cup of coffee during the lunch break up at the glacier.
Ole Mustad looking like he has a migraine!
One of the snowboard coaches Martin Skogholt trying to look sexy!That's about it.Good night!