Just in case you somehow forgot, this Tuesday (TOMORROW) is November 4th and we Americans will be voting in one of the most important and crucial elections in history, I thought I'd remind you to go vote. Whether you've been an active poster in the political threads on this site or remain undecided, it means absolutely nothing if you don't get out and vote. Seriously.Some may argue that "I live in a blue state or a red state, and my vote doesn't matter." Not true. Local elections will directly effect the type of Congress the next president will be working with. Do your part and vote. And for those of you that need Hollywood actors to tell you to vote, I present to you the following:Ok. Now go vote. Because Tom Cruise and I think its your patriotic duty. Anyone that doesn't vote is just another asshole with an opinion.-Mike Rogge, born and raised in the greatest country on Earth.