So a man walks into a talent agent's office and sits down on the couch. The man tells the agent about this act he has. It's a family act, and everyone he's preformed it infront of has loved it.

It starts out with the mans wife up on stage. She is 9 months pregnant and in the nude. The man comes on stage, who is also nude, and he starts making love to his wife. After a while he punch's her in the face till her nose is broken. Now, there's blood everywhere and his wife is screaming. That's when the water breaks and the woman gives birth on the stage. The man rips the embilical cord in half with his teath than spits the blood and placenta in his wife's already bloody face. Just as that happens their 7 year old daughter and their 10 year old son come on stage. The son gets down on his knee's and starts going down on his mother, while the daughter give the man head. As the man is getting head from his daughter he starts fisting the little babys asshole. The man blows his load in his daughters mouth and at the same moment he rips the baby in half ass first, effectivly killing the baby. This makes the act quite special because they can only preform it every 9 months. The little girl puts the dead baby on like a t-shirt and bend down on all fours. Now is when the family dog walks out on stage - The mother puts on a stap on and does her daughter up the ass while the dog eats the dead baby off the daughters body. While this is going on the brother starts doing the dog up the ass, and behind him, the man is doing his son up the ass. This goes on until both the daughter and the son simutaniously start shitting all over their parents. The man take a finger and takes some of the shit off the floor and whips it on his upper lip to give himself a Hitler mustash, than picks up his daughter and uses her as a bat to beat his son until they are both unconsious and bloody. To finish it off the wife shits on her sons chest, and the man shits on his daughters cunt than fucks her until all the shit is inside.

The agent is absolutly horrified, but out of sheer curiousity he asks "What on earth do you call your act?" Which the man answers "The Aristocrats".