I’ll cut to the chase here: I’m selling shirts, leggings, tank tops, and socks with my art on them at www.bemorestoked.com. Go there and give me all your money so that I can give you cool clothes.

Just a few of my shirt designs

Want more details before you give me all your money? Read on.

The Backstory

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been throwing words, photos, videos, and illustrations around in the outdoor world for a few years now. In that time I’ve met a lot of incredible people, I’ve skied a lot of less-than-incredible snow, and I’ve created a bunch of illustrations, most of which involve skiing, mountain animals, hairy mountain men, rad skiing vehicles, and general “mountain stuff.”

I’ve also worn a lot of lame branded T-Shirts in that time. You know the kind: black or grey, with the company’s logo in white across the chest, generally obtained by shoving a twelve-year-old out of the way at a ski movie premier. And that’s fine, I like branded t-shirts as much as the next guy, but to be honest, I’m a little vain, and I think some of the things I’ve drawn would look cool on my clothes.

And a few tanks

That’s why I’ve jumped at the opportunity license my illustrations to brands (thanks a million FASC, Mountain Zone, Blister, and Moment!) That’s also why I’ve finally released my own line of clothing, under the name "Be More Stoked." For some of the backstory on that name check out this post on NS: http://www.newschoolers.com/news/read/Please-Don-Flush

The concept is pretty simple. I draw stuff, I put it on shirts (and leggings, and socks, and soon hats) and I sell it to people who see the mountains in the same way as I do. There’s no huge agenda, no investors, no shareholders, no plans for world domination (yet).

Bemorestoked.com is quite literally a hairy skier in Southeast Idaho drawing the mountains I wish I was skiing before and after work at my day job. Every time I get an order email I make this stoked little “yip” sound and try to high-five or hug someone, even when I’m moving lumber at work.

Tights print closeup

I’ve got some awesome friends (people I met on NS) helping out with marketing, and I’ve got some really incredible people helping me out with color selection and fit notes, but that’s it. It’s mostly just this loud dude with a pencil, and a laptop with internet access. Somebody should have known better than letting me near the internet, but it’s too late now.

The Details

-Right now my apparel is only available at www.bemorestoked.com

-All prices on the site include shipping within the US

-Everything is on sale for $5 off this week, so buy your swag now!

-I’ll be posting new products, sales, and deals at @bemorestoked on Instagram and Facebook. Follow me there!

-If you don’t live in the US and you still want to order something, get in touch with me. I’m always excited to help things work out

so that something I drew can end up in some corner of the world I’ve never been to.

-If you’re part of a brand and think your logo might look cool next to one of my drawings, well, let’s get in touch!.

-I’m always open to new designs. Feel free to bug me with suggestions and requests.

-When you do buy something, don’t be a jerk while you’re wearing it. At the very least put a hoody over my shirt before you start stealing kid’s lunch money. Actually, just don’t be a jerk ever.

-Want to help me out in a big way? Don’t just buy rad stuff (although that’s a great start) — take pictures of yourself in my gear and tag @bemorestoked in them. The whole point of this deal is getting my clothes onto rad people who are doing rad things. Every time I get to see that it warms the cockles of my heart. So please help keep my heart cockles warm.

Thanks for everything NS, I’ll be back to spew more non-self-promoting words here soon, but for now, go buy some dang clothes!