Three days left. 26th February we'll go to Ruka, one of the biggest ski resorts in Finland. Seven days, five riders, one filmer, over 700 kilometres driving, lots of snow, great slopes, powder skiing, chillin and the best team ever. Thats our trip in nutshell. Great trip coming...

Saturday morning about 8am it's time to start a trip. Driving over 700 kilometres takes lots of time...but we have huge motorhome so we have more space and fun. Motorhome includes TV, microwave, fridge, WC, beds for 4, soft couches, table and like that. We have also 2 laptops for watching movies, surfing the internet and of course for playing Jibbin.

That's all about upcoming trip...but also you can follow us throught the trip in Youtube, Facebook and our profile. We're going to do a videoblog so you can see the best moments of trip. We publish everyday a new videoblog episode and first episode will drop online on saturday


Videoblog trailer

After trip I'll write a new blog update about trip. REMEMBER TO FOLLOW OUR TRIP VIDEOBLOG!

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