The summer terrain park at Timberline, OR is in full swing after a few weeks of weather and feature-tweaking. These are a few photos from June 13-15, 2010.

rail tiers 1 and 2 from above

rail tier 1

rail tier 2

Donkey rail

Ben Moxham on the donkey

Rail tier 4

Alongside the rail tiers runs the 7-jump line.

The down ledge is set at the top of the jump line, so you can still squeeze one jib in on your way to seven jumps, from beginner-friendly jumps 1 and 2 through the progressively awesome jumps 3-7.

Jump 4

Jeff Kiesel snags a glorious lead mute.

Ben Moxham switch 5.

T-Barnes switch 5

Brotha Brot gets the opp blunt

Jumps 6+7, two of the fan favorites right now: poppy step-down into step-over.

Tyler Barnes flat 3 on jump 6

And don't forget, there's an 18-foot halfpipe...

... leading into a quarterpipe (no picture, bummer!).

Hope to see you at Timberline sometime soon!