Competition means discussion in every sport and here on NS members like nothing more than to discuss results. In a sport such as skiing where we reley on judges to decide who wins there is bound to be controversy, even in sports where there aren't judges, in the same sensse as we do, such as football (or for you guys soccer) fans will argue over results, whether the player deserve their place on the pitch etc. etc. For now I shall continue with my football (soccer) contingent I remember reading an article once about a spanish footbal club who let their fans vote on which players should play next game and supposedly there was a considerable decrease in the fans backlash after each match, this ideas has had me thinking would some kind of voting process for major competitions in a sport like skiing, I have pondered on this question for a while now. Then after seeing cold rush and seeing what seemed to me to be overall satisfaction from fans I thought yeh maybe that is going to work. I really enjoyed voting but also I think the peer voting process was brilliant as it gave us a competitors perspective. If this voting system could be taken to an event like X-Games or Dew tour would that work, well I am pretty sure the peer voting system would work but I was not so sure the fan votes work, I thought immature kids with preconcieved ideas would vote certain skiers down becuase of this and because of that but actually after watching cold rush and seeing the results I believe I stand corrected maybe a system in competitions like X-Games and Dew tour it could work, only time and trial and error will tell.