Jossi Wells is the epitome of ‘free’ skiing. Despite being one of the most popular skiers to this day, he has yet to succumb to any set of rules other than maybe his own. Jossi skis his way or he doesn’t ski at all, whether that’s just cruising with friends or competing at the Olympics depends on the day.

Sending zero spins, skiing the creative lines less taken, or simply just not giving a fuck, Jossi always seems to stand out from the rest of the pack. Getting a laugh out of the announcers and most of the time himself, Jossi makes competitions fun for both the in and outsiders. Imagine watching X Games without that crazy Kiwi (and in fairness, one or two others) sliding through the course, it would be the bland TV program we’re trying to avoid with comp skiing. Jossi adds his own little flare, just enough to spice up the roster and keep the crowds and core entertained.

We know all too well that the judges have a pretty specific criterion they are looking for. But with Jossi being the way he is; this doesn’t phase him. Unfortunately for him, being the fan favorite doesn’t always translate to standing atop the podium. But fortunately for us, we’re left with the footage: the stuff of legend. So without further ado, take a look at 5 times Jossi Wells won the competition without actually taking 1st place.

Sochi Pipe Run

It was dumping snow and the Sochi pipe wasn’t up to par, but none of this stopped Jossi from putting down one of the illest pipe runs to date. All blacked out and hood over the helmet, mobbing down the pipe. This run is chock full of hammers, but the effortless right 7 to switch 10 that he laced together at the bottom were pretty unmatchable. Banging away from an Olympic pipe run is just the cherry on top.

All Switch Everything at X Games

Switch to switch, from start to finish. Only a practice run, but a damn good one. X Games is known for their big features, both rails and jumps, especially the famed "money booter" at the finish. So it’s all the madder that Jossi decides to ski the whole course switch, with the last hit being a massive zero spin to the gucci plateau. In true Jossi fashion, he rounds out the run with a sort of ‘holy shit I can’t believe I just did that’ look.

Dew Tour Slope Run

Taking 2nd place with this Dew Tour slope run last year, many claimed that he should have undoubtedly been standing atop the podium. “Afterbang looking like its 2007” and carving hard into both way double corks, not to mention that switch handrag, makes this one of the smoothest runs out. It shouldn’t just be what you do on the features that counts, but also what goes down in between.

Zero Spin the Olympics

A little slip up on the top rail was enough for Jossi to say fuck it and give the core – the ones who can actually appreciate a good zero – a show. Entering a competition like the Olympics, the widest reaching platform freeskiing platform has had, and then throwing a line of zeros together is boss. And it roots from the true heart of freeskiing: being able to do whatever you feel like on skis.

Alley Oop Nose Tap in the Pipe?

Nose taps are sick, but how often do you get to see an alley oop nose tap in the pipe? Once again, that’s just what Jossi does; pulls a trick out of his sleeve and surprises everyone. This is that flare, the flare that not only hypes us up, but keeps the competition loose and fun for the other skiers as well. He may put down a high scoring run just before you, but how you gonna get mad at a dude who does an alley oop nose tap in an Olympic halfpipe?