The breaking (shitty) news from our friends on the ground at X Games Norway is that Jossi has blown his knee during slopestyle practice in Hafjell. It's unclear right now if the course, which has been causing issues for all the riders during practice and qualifying, was at fault. But what is certain is that the riders are not happy with what they've been given to ski.

Jossi absolutely killed it yesterday with one of the most beautiful slopestyle runs I can ever recall seeing, so it's gutting we won't be seeing him compete tonight. Furthermore, it seems unlikely we'll see much more of him this season. Skiing as a whole, and especially the competition scene, will definitely miss him. I'm sure you'll join us in wishing Jossi a speedy recovery, heal up brother!

(UPDATE directly from Jossi: "Aye guys. I dislocated my patella. Not sure exactly how long I will be out for yet until I see my Dr's back home in NZ, but definitely won't be nearly as long as an ACL injury. Thanks for the support ya'll!")