Cover photo: @bockmeister

As many of you know, Joss Christensen got broke off at Superpark 21 and tore his ACL & meniscus, as well as suffering an MCL sprain. Undergoing surgery in May, Joss & his doctor were hopeful he would be back by December which would be just in time for him to qualify for the Olympics.

Joss had this to say regarding the freak injury: "This has by far been the most painful/challenging injury I've experienced due to some small complications.. and I'm hardly half way through it. I can't thank everyone around me enough for all the help getting me through this untimely injury. If it wasn't for them and the continued support of my sponsors I don't think I could fight to get back to my skis nearly as fast. I'm looking forward to getting back to where I left off and continuing to progress my skiing like this injury never happened. Things could definitely be worse and I'm lucky to be able to get back to the sport I love when the snow falls."

Progress isn't always smooth in post-op rehab & extra measure need to be taken to speed up the healing process. Joss' knee has been stuck "between 90-110 degrees for the last month and a half" which isn't good for business.

This shit had me cringing hard but I'm glad Joss is back on track to defend his 2014 gold medal! Good luck Joss the Boss!