San Francisco – Reno-based Moment Skis is proud to announce the addition of freeskier Josh Bibby to their professional athlete team.

Bibby brings veteran competition and on-camera experience to an expanding list of accomplished ski athletes. This latest move for Bibby and Moment comes on the eve of ski season’s first large-scale big air competition. Bibby will make his first appearance on Moment Skis at the 2007 Esurance Icer Air at AT&T Park, overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Saturday, November 3, 2007.

“Josh is a logical fit for us,” said Moment Skis Vice President and Engineer Luke Jacobson. “We love his style and ability to communicate what he is experiencing with a plethora of ski designs and constructions,” added Jacobson, who also designs Bibby’s skis.

“I’m psyched because Moment was stoked on me,” said Bibby. “The people I talk to at the company are the people who make my skis. I can talk to the person who makes it happen [constructs skis] with his own two hands. If I want to, I can watch him make the skis,” he said in regards to having a group of engineers on-hand to create product. “They’re ready to listen so we can brain storm and make stuff happen. It seems more like a family. I’m not being talked at, you’re talking with someone,” added Bibby.

“We ‘re all in it at Moment to make skis and have fun,” said Bibby. “Turning an idea into actual skis is so much easier, more fun and faster,” added Bibby.

Moment Skis is a Reno-based ski engineering and production company dedicated to generating a more fun approach to the business and production side of skiing. They are a group of passionate out-of-the-box- thinking skiers, engineers, one mason and contemporary artist committed to putting the fun back in the ski industry. The end result is a ski company serving 13 unique skis covered with eccentric art to change a traditional ski culture.