Well, to make another short update, and because it's snowing and my two days at snowbird for the NSAA Conference were the two bluebird days Park City has had in a long while, there won't be any photos. But here's the latest on Jonesys.

WEATHER DEPENDANT, the Jonesys jump line will open tomorrow, friday the 25th.  If it doesn't open due to weather, we will be in there installing rail features.  We will try to add more features at night as time progresses so we can limit the amount of time the park is closed.

This weekend is the Chevy Revolution Tour.  The pipe will be closed Saturday with practice being held in Kings Crown the same day.  The Crown will stay open to the public for practice.  On sunday the Crown will close for the Slopestyle portion.

There is also a race on payday on Friday so the Crown, as the emails have stated so far, won't be open until the race is over around noon.