Skiing innovator & legend turned YouTube superstar, Jon Olsson, swung through the Nine Knights setup last week & decided to drop a few dubs in the process. Considering he has only been in the park for 2 days this winter, that's pretty fucking impressive. To add to that, he did it on the 9 Knights setup which isn't exactly a "small" park jump by any means.

"I said I would do triples but I did a bunch of doubles instead. So I think that should be ok."

I was pretty stoked to see Jon toss the Kangaroo Flip (dub flat 9), which was the first ever double to switch on skis, that he pioneered back in 2007. If you don't follow Jon on YouTube, you probably should, at least for the occasional, yet extremely, dope ski videos he has made this year. Maybe with all this YouTube money he's been making, he can restart JOSS again??? We can only hope.