words by Jeff Schmuck

photos by Dan McClung

With more bad weather threatening to appear later today, day 6 of the Jon Olsson Super Sessions began early with another morning shoot.

Due to the amazing weather that has been blessing the event all week, many of the athletes are starting to feel the burn after sessioning the massive features for five days in a row. Because of this, Jon made today’s outing an optional session and a few of the boys gladly rose for the task, which of course was no easy one after another long night of partying.

Today’s mission…to test out the only feature yet to be hit, the Floater. The jump is a 90-foot stepdown perched right at the top of the mountain and will surely be hit again after the couple of hours of sessioning that went down today. Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson, Andreas Hatveit, Colby West, Henrik Harlaut and Oscar Scherlin were all in attendance getting a feel for the new challenge, and much like all week, they did not disappoint.

Henrik Harlaut

Some of the highlights included Sammy Carlson’s switch right 10’s (before unfortunately tweaking his bad ankle, which may force him to sit the next day or two out), Andreas Hatveit’s huge double backflips with his brother Jon in tow, Henrik Harlaut and Oscar Scherlin’s effortless spins and perhaps the sickest tricks of the session, Colby West’s ridiculous zero spin and Simon Dumont throwing down what MC Luke Van Valin called the biggest cork 1080 ever.

Simon Dumont

Although the early rise was difficult for many, it will surely be a blessing in disguise by giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy the sun and rest up for tonight’s annual rock party, which according to Jon is by far the wildest and most notorious party of the week.

Jon Olsson

With six solid days of skiing under the athletes’ belts and every feature checked off the list, the level of skiing is surely going to get even bigger and better now that the boys have the jumps figured out. The forecast is calling for rain over the next day or two but it seems hard to believe looking outside at the endlessly bluebird spring sky. If the sun decides to stick around, hold onto your keyboards and prepare yourself for some of the sickest skiing in the history of the sport.