words by Jeff Schmuck

photos by Felix Rioux

Day 5 of the Jon Olsson Super Sessions saw a return session on the JOI-style jump, aka the Trick Buster. After another beautiful day of sun and no wind Jon called for another sunset shoot on the biggest feature we’ve seen so far. While the initial session saw many of the athletes just getting warmed up on the features, today absolutely went off.

Simon Dumont

Simon Dumont continued to rip every feature a new asshole, mixing up nearly every hit with a variety of tricks from slow and motionless cork 3’s to huge corked 1080’s with tweaked out grabs.

Colby West

Colby West was oozing style all afternoon with some buttery smooth regular and switch 5’s, 7’s and 9’s with every grab you could think of, including his patented double nose.

Henrik Harlaut

Also continuing to put on a style clinic was Henrik Harlaut, who started things off with some stellar 3’s and worked his way up all the way to 10’s.

Peter Olenick

Peter Olenick was back at it today after nursing a sore knee yesterday, and threw down his trademark misty 5 truckdriver bigger and better each and every time. Peter also took yesterday’s downtime to reportedly get some A+ lifestyle footage for what will surely be an entertaining video given the storyline his team has planned.

Sammy Carlson

Sammy Carlson and his filmer Dom Janiszewsi brought out their secret weapon today by flying in a friend of Dom’s who happens to be one of the top freestyle paragliders in the world. So with Dom strapped to the front, camera in hand, the paragliding shots of Sammy’s switch 5’s, 9’s and 10’s will surely be some of the most exciting and certainly most creative of the competition.

Jon Olsson

However some of today’s biggest highlights were the plethora of doubles that inevitably went down. With Jon Olsson also back in action after tweaking his knee a few days ago, the mastermind set the standard early with a huge kangaroo flip, which he proceeded to throw continuously with different grabs on nearly every single attempt along with a few double cork 12’s thrown in for good measure.

Andreas Hatveit

Andreas Hatveit also followed suit with his own ridiculously big kangaroos but the man of the night was undoubtedly Jacob Wester, whose double cork 12’s were an absolute thing of beauty. Jacob held the grab as long as humanly possible and on a few seemed to pause in the middle of his rotation to give it an extra tweak.

Jacob Wester

Oscar Scherlin skipped today courtesy of some serious shin bang and Mike Clarke was also out of action after slicing his hand open last night on the uber sharp edges of his new skis. He needed to get a few stitches and decided to sit today out and prepare himself for tonight’s pool party in the awesome Tott hotel where everyone is staying.

Tomorrow will reportedly see a repeat session on the newly modified hip jump or perhaps the first crack at the 30-meter stepdown…the only feature that has yet to be hit. Stay tuned.