Words by Jeff Schmuck

Photos by Jeff Schmuck & Erik Wibaeus

After a few days of naughty weather Trysil, Norway became to skiing what the San Fernando Valley is to porn today as crystal-clear skies and a smiling sun permitted two mouth-dropping sessions to absolutely go off at the third day of the Jon Olsson Super Sessions.

Following the abrupt halt to last night's twilight session courtesy of high winds Jon asked everyone to be up and at em at 5:30am this morning for a sunrise shoot on the Trick Buster, and despite the recently arrived Peter Olenick serenading many of us until 3am with tales of his latest female-related exploits, we happily obliged, and were more than rewarded for our efforts.

Jacob Wester taking in the 6am sunrise

As the athletes, filmmakers and photographers strutted their way towards the jump the sun slowly and beautifully rose above the mountains across the valley creating the perfect scene and allowing Jon to excitedly announce that it was finally go time.

It didn't get take long for the guys to get warmed up, and before anyone else in attendance was awake enough to even mutter coherent sentences Jon and Jacob were throwing side-by-side flatspin 5's, kangaroo flips and a variety of other corks as Johnny Decesare captured the magic from the ghetto bird in the sky.

Team Sweden: Jacob Wester & Jon Olsson...

...Mattias Fredriksson.

TJ Schiller and Ian Cosco represented Canada in a big, big way by showing how hungry they were after not eating breakfast with flatspin 7 bow n' arrow grabs and double cork 12's from Chug, and an endless and impressive amount of flow from TJ, who was skiing hotter than a backdraft and was the first to hit the mammoth feature switch.

Team Canada: TJ Schiller...

Darren Rayner & Ian Cosco...

...Neil Sotirakopoulos & Damien Cromwell.

Team Norway also got right down to business and as always, Jon Håtveit impressed the living hell out of everyone with his gravity-defying follow cams. Jon mached into the jump behind not just his brother Andreas, but with both him and PK at the same time, which should make for some of the most amazing shots of the competition.

Team Norway: Andreas Håtveit...

...PK Hunder, Jon Håtveit, Andreas Håtveit and Filip Christensen.

But this year it appears as though Dre's brother won't be the only sheriff in town when it comes to air follow cams, as one of Team Europe's filmers (and the man bringing you all the pimp episodes of NSTV from JOSS) Christian 'Cheech' Sander stepped up to the plate and began hitting the jump behind Laurent Favre and Henrik Harlaut, who were oozing out style like blood in a slasher flick.

Team Europe: Laurent Favre...

...Henrik Harlaut.

Team USA's Colby West and John Symms had a bit of a slow start, but by the end both were on point and tossing some mean corks and gettin real hyphy...as Symms would definitely want me to say.

Team USA: John Symms...

...Colby West.

And when it comes time to write the book on technicality in freeskiing, Jossi Wells and Russ Henshaw of Team Down Under would more than hold their own against Ernest Hemingway after today, as the Aussi and Kiwi threw down a staggering amount of different rotations and grabs.

Team Down Under: Jossi Wells...

Russ Henshaw...

...the legendary Kris Ostness.

However the most interesting combination on this fine morning was arguably Simon Dumont and Tom Wallisch of Team America, who also hit the jump tandem-style a fistful of times in between taking turns throwing snail-slow cork 3's as Dumont brought the thunder with his trademark bio 7's and 10's and Wallisch banged some switch 5's and 9's like no other.

Team America: Simon Dumont & Tom Wallisch...

The Dumont...


Nate Abbott...

...Tyler Hamlet.

Following the first session we headed inside for breakfast as most of the other hotel guest were just waking up, and then chilled for a few hours before heading back out for an afternoon-to-sunset shoot on the Super Combo Kicker at the top of the mountain.

the boys head up top for the second session

Peter Olenick makes an appearance...

...along with Bobby Brown.

The Super Combo Kicker is a gigantic left side hip that can also be hit as a table, however today all of the guys stuck to the hip portion of the feature as it got colder and colder as the day progressed, making the landing harder than a backyard hockey rink.

The Super Combo Kicker...

Jon and Andreas were again the first to guinea the jump and Johnny Decesare and Drew Lederer continued to take advantage of their heli time following Jon down the runway and over the hip.

Andreas Håtveit

Jon Olsson

Each and every time the Scandos landed it sounded like a gunshot going off, causing more than a few of the other competitors to pass on hitting it while others had a good time by playing around on the corner of the landing and scoring some creative shots in the process.

Wallisch, Favre and Harlaut run the train while Abbott gets the shot

Henrik Harlaut amidst the media circus

However Colby West and John Symms of Team America were not afraid and continued to step up their game by hitting it a few times, while big, bad Russ Henshaw gave it a shot or two as well.

Colby West

John Symms loves Japan. PK Hunder loves Norway.

Russ Henshaw

After the sun dipped behind the horizon everyone headed down to the bottom for more surfing, bowling and hot tubbing. The day is now done but with more good (but cold) weather forecasted for tomorrow anything can happen, so stick with us here on NS for continuous coverage of JOSS, and don't forget to head over to http://www.jon-olsson.com, http://www.josupersessions.com and http://www.jacobwester.com, as he's been holding it down each and every day with some fantastic videoblogs as well.

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