Join the Bluehouse Revolution!

Three Salt Lake City residents, Adam Hepworth, Jared Richards, and Shane Larsen, have started a SLC-based ski company. Bluehouse Ski Co. has been getting attention from ski enthusiasts all over the country (and some international). But the company was originally created with the purpose of providing ideal skis for the Utah ski community. That is why Bluehouse is sending you this message. It doesn't want you to miss out on an incredible opportunity to get involved from the start. And even more importantly, Bluehouse wants to help skiers save money this year as they purchase thier skis for the upcoming season. Below are the details for Bluehouse's pre-season sale and other ways to get involved with the Bluehouse Ski Co. Revolution:

Pre-season Sale

On Sept. 1, Bluehouse skis will be on sale for the legit price of $250.00 a pair. Buyers will be able to purchase up to three pairs of skis. There is a limited quantity of skis for this price and they'll most likely go very quickly. Interested buyers can pre-register at our Web site, Registering for the sale gives you an advantage as we'll send you a notification email on the start time of the sale, which will remain unknown until the moment the sale starts. For further details on the sale, visit

Bluehouse Networks

Do you have a MySpace? Facebook? Bluehouse Ski Co. is connected. Make Bluehouse a friend on MySpace. On Facebook you can join the "Friends of Bluehouse" group - when we reach 1000 members, we'll do a drawing for a free pair of skis. People connected to Bluehouse will always have future inside scoop on the company and occasional event notices and discount advantages.

Check out the Buzz

Here are some links to the forums where Bluehouse has received some attention:

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Help support a brand new Utah business in a very tough industry. Please forward this to all your friends.


Shane Larsen

Bluehouse Ski Company