Johnny Lazz is one of the funnest people to have at camp and lucky for Session 1 campers, he was hosting the entire week! Since Lazz has been at Windells for years, he is pretty good at coming up with crazy activities for the campers to do. During Session 1, Lazz and Arnette presented “Johnny’s Mystery Drink”. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Only Johnny knows the secret recipe of the concoction, but it was lasagna night, so it’s safe to assume there’s some pasta and cheese in there. Campers played a version of “musical chairs” and then stomached the drink, which some actually enjoyed. Surprising? Or maybe Lazz is the next Emeril and we didn’t know until now.

The game got even better when the other Team Session hosts, Forest Bailey, Will Bateman, and Nial Romanek, tried to surprise Lazz and make him drink the drink, too. The guys forgot how quick Lazz is on his feet, and he immediately got them to grab cups and drink with him.

Campers were stoked to win tshirts, hats, and goggles from Arnette.

He won goggles!

It wasn’t as delicious as Lazz hoped.

Lazz, Forest, Will, and Nial enjoying a dinner milkshake.

Product toss!

Thank you Lazz and Arnette!

Is that Lazz spitting out his mystery drunk or some sort of sea creature floating around camp?

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