Nestled in the heart of small town Littleton, New Hampshire is Lahout's; America's Oldest Ski Shop. Founded in the early 1900s as a general store by Joe Lahout's father and mother, immigrants from Lebanon. They later transformed it into the ski shop it is today in 1920.

Joe Lahout, now 93 years old, was born in an apartment above the Littleton store, and he started skiing as a young boy on a pair of maple skis. While running the store as a teenager with his mother, Joe's passion for skiing started and he practiced at local Remich Park. Soon after, he began skiing at Cannon Mountain and was apart of one of the first organized races in the New England area. Like so many, the war called Joe away from his passion but it didn't take him long to get back on his planks.

Joe returned from World War II and immediately "put the goddamn skis on, got out there, and did it." Joe was a very talented skier himself.

“Cannon Mountain had a downhill race for about 30 years, and it followed a course system. They didn’t have flags, it was just the same course. In 1947, after my dad got back from World War II, he won the gold Cannon medal. It was a cannon made of gold,” said another of his sons, Joe Lahout Jr.

Since then, Joe has been hard at work providing affordable gear for New Hampshire locals that share his passion.

Nick Martini and Stept Productions helped to produce this short film highlighting Lahout's life and the very interesting history behind the shop.