Jesper Tjader does it again. The Swede went completely nuts and created a rail garden that looks straight out of SSX On Tour. After weeks of sketching up ideas at home, his dream became reality and boy did Jesper go H.A.M.

The idea for this park was born out of Jesper's disdain for the lack of focus on rails in comps. "Most slopestyle skiers only focus on the jumps and throw something easy on the rails just to clear them," he said, in an interview with Red Bull.

He also offered up his opinion on how progression of competitions and the sport in general can be done, "I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to go creative on rail features. It seemed like such a natural progression for this sport. But nobody did and I got tired of waiting. So I decided to do something about it myself"

Watch the full edit here!

Credit: Redbull