The second annual Superunknown contest brought in more than 100 entries

from across North America and beyond, featuring a wide array of up and

coming athletes from an even wider array of backgrounds throwing down

to the best of their ability on rails, tables, cliffs, lines, and a

host of backyard jumps and jibs.

After months of careful review several entries rose to the top, and

after several more months of review and much debate amongst our

esteemed panel of judges, a winner was finally chosen. At the end of

the day, Jean-Denis (JD) Zicat, hailing from Lac St. Charles, Quebec,

stole the show. With a video showcasing an unmatched ability to tech

it up on rails, and a diverse bag of spins and grabs to match, JD

proved himself worthy of this year's Superunkown title. "He impresses

me more than any other skier out there," said US Open and X Games

slopestyle champ Charles Gagnier. "Last time I saw him ride at

Stoneham, he threw 630 on 270 off the flat down box, into an unnatural

bio-1080 on the table! He's so sick."

"I don't know what to say," JD commented. "This is a dream for me!"

JD has got some big shoes to fill, following in the footsteps of last

year's Superunknown winner, Corey Vanular, who has since proven himself

as one of the hottest names in the sport, putting in appearances at all

the major events, holding it down for a Gravity Games pipe win, and

throwing down for a few high-profile film segments.

Beating out hot submissions from the likes of John Spriggs, Alex

Balsen, Cedric Fournier-Tremblay, and Josh Stack, he's certainly proven

himself as a force to be reckoned with. JD currently rides for 4Frnt

skis, and will be picking up sponsorships with Spy Optic, Jiberish, and Grandoe for his Superunknown win. Watch for JD getting involved

with the Fall '05 Level 1 release, Shanghai Six as well.

JD's video is shown courtesy of Charles Bourroughs and New Way Productions. Check out JD in NWP's video "Playback," coming fall 2005. Watch the Playback teaser here!

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