I wouldn't normally list the places I'll be on the weekend because quite frankly, I'm sure you guys don't care BUT for those of you that do and happen to be in the same location, ski up and say hello!My weekend official starts tonight when I'll arrive at Jay Peak. Tomorrow they're featuring a big air and you guys should go. If this competition works, you can expect much better competitions in the future from this traditionally all mountain orientated destination. That night I'll be in Burlington for Magic Hat's Mardi Gras festival. Where will I be? Probably in a drunken stuper somewhere but if you see me, wake me up, and give me a few bucks for a cab home. Just kidding. Sunday, I'll be stopping into the brewery to say hello to my friends at Magic Hat who generously supported the Bula/Poor Boyz tour last season. You guys that are of age should drink Magic Hat because it's a great beer made by people that love snow. Those of you that do ski up and say hello, I'll take your picture, put in on the next entry, and give you some NS stickers which I'll be carrying all weekend! See you this weekend and check back Sunday night for a mega post filled with pics from the weekend! -Mike