Interview by Bill Fleming

NS: Sponsors?

JT: Sessions, Squaw Valley U.S.A. and Smith.



Where and how did you start skiing?

I started skiing at Squaw Valley when I was three. My mom enrolled me in the mighty might race program for the weekends.

What was it like growing up in Squaw?

I didn't really grow up in Squaw. I lived in Palo Alto most of the time.

How old were you when you turned pro?


You went to school at the Squaw Valley Academy growing up. Was that a good decision?

Squaw Valley Academy was great. I'd have sat in jail for half the day if it meant skiing the other half.

How did you get your big break?

Extreme comps and filming with Matchstick Productions.

How did you originally get connected to Matchstick Productions?

I called them up and asked for the opportunity to shoot with them.

What have you been doing lately?

Training, skiing, hiking, and a lot of BASE jumping.

What are your plans for this coming season?

Ski every day, get stronger and do more ski BASE jumps.

What about competitions, are you going to focus on them, film segments, or just ski and have fun?

Once I start feeling stronger I'll compete in any contest that sounds like fun. But most of my time goes into training every day for the biggest competition of the year. THE PAIN MCSHLONKEY OPEN.

Last year you blew out your knee. Are you worried that it will affect your coming season?

Im not really worried, but I am expecting to take it easy. At least till I get strong.

Who are your favorite people to ski with and why?

Shane McConkey, Scott Gaffney, and Stuart Birdsey. They are the most balls-to-the-wall people Ive skied with, and they always have fun.

What do you think about before you do a line?

"Focus you moron. This will be sketchy, OK, I got this." Then I start singing the James Bond theme song.

Where do you see the future of skiing going?

Skiing's future is big air, faster lines, tricks off natural terrain, and new lines made possible by ski BASE jumping.

Who is the most influential and progressive skier out there today?

C.R. Johnson or Shane McConkey.

Do you have any suggestions for kids who would like to break into the industry?

Ski every day like it was your last. Train hard, and the rest will follow.

Are you happy with where skiings future is headed?

Yes, thoroughly. The only thing I dont like are those skiers who are more like snowbladers. The people who never realize there is a mountain outside the park.

If you could change anything about skiing today, what would it be?

Skis would have huge suspension systems so your body would be spared any and all impact. Also all boundaries would be open and all trams and gondolas would be open for BASE jumping.

You and Shane McConkey have been trying to revolutionize big mountain skiing by incorporating BASE jumps into the end of your lines. Do you see a future

where all notable pro skiers are doing the same? Or is this just a fad?

Its not a fad at all, but I dont see a future where ALL big mountain riders begin parachuting. Most of them would be too scared or not know where to start. Ski BASE is here to stay cause it is fun and can be done safely.

What would be the best job in the world?

Pro skier with Tenure.