This is mainly about how they perform the in the park because that's mostly what I ski but also I tried it in some powed and other areas


In my opinion jskis has some of the best grafics in the ski industry and they are constantly making new ones with artist colabs.


This is where these skis shine they have a beautiful camber and can butter to no end and are extremely light weight perfect for spinning on and off of rails. And there stabile enough to do complex tricks off massive jumps and they have a nice poppy play full feel which makes them my favorite park ski.


I beat on my skis pretty hard and after 2 week I had a couple chips and dings but the edges held up nearly perfectly. The only down side was after a couple more weeks they became a bit to playful and not stabilie enough but still worked fine.

All mountain

Jskis market these as all mountain skis and this is clearly not what there made for they aren't wide enough and just don't work if your buying jskis for all mountain and park I recommend the allplays or vacations.

Thanks this was my review hope you enjoyed