JP Auclair was a true pioneer of our sport and will be forever remembered. Today Sherpas Cinema and Poorboyz Productions join forces to release the JP Auclair Tribute Edit to mark the start of an Alpine Initiatives Auction, the proceeds of which all go to JP's son Leo and wife Ingrid. So if you have the means, please get involved in an Auction for a fantastic cause or donate to the Auclair Fund to support JP's family who survive him.

"At the end of September, 2014, we were reached by the news that JP Auclair and fellow skier Andreas Fransson had been caught in an avalanche in Patagonia. JP Auclair was an instrumental part of Sherpas Cinema and an incredible inspiration for much of the work that we have created. He was not only one of the world's best skiers, for us he was an editor, a director, a film maker, a friend. Over the years, JP has given so much to us and it is only right that we now try to give something back. Sherpas Cinema has rallied its network within the action sports community and on Monday we will be launching an online auction where 100% of the proceeds will go to JP's son Leo and partner Ingrid through the Auclair Fund.

The auction will be hosted on the website of Alpine Initiatives, a non profit where JP was one of the founders: The first item to be put up for auction is a limited edition print by Sherpas Cinema's Dave Mossop. The print is from a photo of Ama Dablam, taken by Dave during the production of Into The Mind, it is 56x34" printed on canvas.

Over the next few weeks, items donated by individuals like Jimmy Chin, Eric Hjorleifson, Jon Olsson and many others will be made available for bidding."

Alpine Initiatives:

We are innately drawn to the mountains. Alpine Initiatives recognizes the passion for the outdoors and envisioned a nonprofit to serve as a platform for inspired people to get involved. AI funds programs, provides a network of support, and empowers those who seek to accomplish a positive change in their own mountain communities. Alpine Initiatives helps the change makers, the startups, and the active volunteers harness their energy to make their goals a reality. AI funds the following type of initiatives: environmental stewardship, sustainable living, community building, and creative expression (art).


The Auclair Fund:

No other community in our opinion takes care of one another like mountain communities. The Auclair Fund honors the memory and enduring legacy of Jean-Philippe Auclair. Today, tomorrow and always, JP's legacy will live on. In Ingrid and their son Leo, in skiing, in Alpine Initiatives, in Armada and in the countless lives that were made better because of him.