With only a few days to go before the start of Jon Olsson Super Sessions in Åre news has come that PK Hunder, Charles Gagnier, and Jossi Wells are injured and unable to take part in the event. To replace these, Peter Olenick from Aspen together with local Åre riders Oscar Scherlin and Henrik Harlaut will get the chance to show off their tricks! The new riders will team up with photographers and filmmakers to settle the scores on the huge jumps constructed in various part of the Åre ski area.

Since the three teams had to cancel at such a late stage, it was a natural choice to invite two local talents to join the JOSS line up, partly because of logistical problems with riders from abroad.

"Both Henrik and Oscar are cruel riders, and this is especially great considering Oscar’s recent gold in the New School Pick Nick in Austria this past weekend. When Charles and Jossi were injured this close to the event we found it natural to complement the JOSS line up with two local talents. This is also a great opportunity to promote our Swedish freeskiers, in particular since I know very well how difficult it is as a European to make it on the American ski scene," says Jon Olsson.

"When we got the message that PK Hunder has been injured, the choice of his replacement was really easy since Peter, although not initially invited, had already booked his tickets to Åre since he wouldn’t miss the event. The opportunity to invite, at the last minute, such an elite skier, among other merits a multiple X-Games medalist, proves the extreme quality of the line up! It feels great," Jon continues.

Oscar Scherlin will be teaming up with Swedes Marcus Hansen, filmer and Johan Ståhlberg, photographer, while Henrik Harlaut forms a team with photographer Andrew Napier from Vermont and photographer Yngve Staberg from Sweden. Peter Olenick will team up with filmer Érik Simard and photographer Charles Spina from Canada.