The dream of professional freerider Iva Tsiklauri from Georgia came true when riding the mountains and towers in Ushguli Village, Svaneti

Fresh powder snow, the beautiful but tricky late winter weather and virgin mountain slopes gave Iva Tsiklauri the ingredients he needed for an amazing performance in Ushguli village.

Ushguli is a beautiful place in the Svaneti region, located at the foot of Shkhara summit and considered to be the highest inhabited village of Europe situated at 2 200 meters. It has been a dream of every freerider in Georgia to ride in this area.

Iva Tsiklauri rode a creative line and left all the local people who were watching him from their towers amazed by his courage and incredible tricks which they had never seen before.

It was also a true challenge for him to perform freeride tricks in absolutely unique surroundings as the Svanetian protective towers which are landmarks of the region.

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