Its funny.   People who love Apple are always so cocky about it.   They need to go out of their way to tell you how much better their little glowing fruit laptop is than the shitty PC you've been using.  Apple is the best, Apple this, apple that...I've always been a PC guy.   Yes I know that Apple products are good, but I just don't want to spend twice as much money as I have to.   Yes windows breaks, but hey at least there's ways to fix it, and options for what I can use.  The one Apple product that hooked me in was the Ipod.   I've got a 60 video and a shuffle, which i love very much.   I even gave Itunes full control over my music, as it just synched up with my ipods so well.  However, last week when Apple came out with Itunes 7, everything changed.   For anyone who is using this, it truly is the shittiest piece of software I have ever put on my computer.  Even Bill Gates over at microsoft has never released anything so not ready to be out. It skips, crackles, locks up, doesn't multitask, isn't compatible with other versions, lost ipod functionality, the problems are too numerous to list.  Now I wish I could go back to Itunes 6, or perhaps I'll stop using apple products if they are going to make colossal fuck ups like this.   Problem with apple is if they start making mistakes, you don't have any other options.   Itunes is fucked, what the fuck am I supposed to do?   Apple can get pushed just like any other company, and don't think that they are invulnerable to the same pitfalls of being rushed to market than anyone else.  Maybe I'm going to see if Windows Media Player has gotten any better...   or go open source, who knows.