Last Saturday it rain cats and dogs and on Sunday...............................

Sorry for crappy photos my dumb ass dad took em.

Newschoolers March member of the month came to visit us! 

Brogan is there every day.

Sean slayin stuff

Me, from a couple of weeks ago.

On Thursday March 27th - we have the East Coast Challenge which used to be an all snowboarders competition.

We have a lot of Snow and will try to be open every weekend until the May Day Rail Jam.   This is a picture from last year of the May Day Rail jam

Ticket prices drop to $25 on March 17th and for my local buddies, passes for next year are good for the rest of next year.  $350 for about 7 months of skiing!  dumbass said if you got 50 days between now and the end of the season next year, it would only cost $7 a trip..

well, till next time, peace!