So, I decided that summer here in Colorado

is just a little too long, I headed out of breck and watched the sunset in LA on my way to New


18 hours later Ella met me at the

Queenstown airport, and we went back to her pad and watched the snow fall…

I got real lucky and showed up for the best part of NZ’s season, the day after I arrived

the sun came out and it was off to Snow Park NZ.

Nothing quite like shredding a perfect park in the middle of

August with your favorite homies!  Thanks X! you rule!

Also got to get on some new ski’s this trip! The K2 Disorderly. So much fun and just in time for the NZ Freeski Open


serious snow cat issues SP put together a wicked course.  It started with a stair set, into a butterbox or an up box, then a double line and two more

rails to choose from.

The weather was great and the comp was really fun, except of

course for Ella scaring everyone when she took the first jump HUGE and gave herself a bit of a concussion.

With Ella having to rest up her head I headed up to The Remarkables with Amy the next day for the Remarkable

Rampage, an invitational Slopesyle.  Thanks Ella for hookin

it up!

The Remarks has one of the best views in NZ for sure! And a

totally underrated park, check out this feature in the newly built Stash park:

This comp was awesome, the jumps were perfect and the Parklife guys really kept the park pristine

Amy and I

swept the podium and the kicked it with the Kia

New Zealand

has more to offer than just sweet snow. 

It is by far one the the most beautiful places

in the world.  Imagine driving over this

bridge to hit the slopes every day:


also lots of sweet animals every where.  Mostly sheep.

even on the TP

and of

course, we got a little party on too, with REALLY expensive booze!

then it was back to SPNZ for a little more skiin before heading home

Catchin some extra Z’s waiting for

a ride up the hill

luckily X

found me lying there and got up for another beautiful day! (you

don’t always make it when your hitching!)

All and all it was a great trip!  Thanks to everyone who made it happen,

especially Ella and X!!  Good to get back

to Kiwi land and of course to ski peak season in the middle of the summer!