It's been a while, but it started to rain in Durango last night. I like the rain. It was a pleasant greeting to wake up to an open window with the sound of the rain on the pavement, and the cool sweet smell of the humid ozone. It marks the first rain of the year. That also means the ski season is nearing it's end. I'm not sure what this means in terms of snow conditions at higher altitudes. I'll be finding out when I go up on Thursday. Purgatory closes this Sunday...depressing. At least I can still rip Siverton and the BC for a few more weeks. It's time to start thinking about summer...

2 irrelevant things:

1) There is a good thread in NSG about the US and should it police the world. It's both a good discussion and a good read. A rare thing to come by in the main forums. Check it out.

2) If you wondering about my means exactly what it says. I can't really decide what do with it next. So I'm open to any ideas and suggestions on what to use next. It's partly because I'm bored. And its also kinda a joke...well at least mildly funny...okay maybe not. Drop me a PM if you want to feed my angsty crave for e-attention.

Quinny out.