Rumors have been buzzing all around the Internet Worlds, should Windells get a second private lift in their private park or is the one good enough?  Well It is official, Tim Windell himself called from the Oval Office minutes ago and made the announcment:  ”WINDELLS CAMP will have a second lift for the Summer of 2010.”  Windells is once again the first summer shred camp in the history of the world to own, operate and install, two of its very own private rope-tows!

Twice the Lifts, Twice the Jumps, Twice The Laps, Twice The Length, Twice the Rails, Twice the FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The First TEN people to express their excitement via comments will receive one of the remaining ten: WINDELLS DVDs.  Rules - Express Excitement - Post Name and Address - I Send DVD

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