After seeing photos of Blackwood last night, my roommates, brother, and I couldn't resist heading up there today.
We loaded up the sleds this morning and headed out, to see for ourselves, if there really was any goods to be had.
It was a typical Tahoe day with blue sky and sun shining down.
I was especially excited to ski with my brother, Johnny.
The views were amazing and the birds were out in full force chirping away.
Dave, myself, and Nicki getting stoked to drop in our first real pow run of the year.
We skinned up this ridge to get to the goods once we dropped the sleds. The snow up top was wind buffed and soft. I didn't even hit a rock. Once we made it to the trees is was powder all the way down with fun logs and rocks to play on.
There's no where else I would rather be right here.
Hiking through the trees and scoping future lines got my mind thinking of the year to come. I can't wait for the ball to really get rolling!
My brother cruising through the winter wonderland.
Near the end of the day, the road started to melt away. It was a rad first day out on the sleds and skins. Good times in Tahoe! Let the season begin!