7-time X Games medalist and back to back to back Real Ski Champion, Sammy Carlson is one of the best freestyle backcountry riders in the world right now, hands down. Is he the best though?

Right now, I would have to say, with 100% confidence, yes. Now before you attempt to crucify me via the interwebs, hear me out. If you have been keeping up with Carlson, you would know that he has been on an absolute tear the past 5 years or so.

3 time winner of X-Games Real Ski? Yup.


2 year solo project with TGR? Fuckin' nuts.


One of the greatest BC jib segments ever crafted? I fuckin' think so.

Ever since he uttered the famous quote, "I'm taking my tricks to the backcountry, yea!!!", Sammy Carlson has quietly been dominating the backcountry scene. If you haven't been in the loop he has recently signed to Armada, which is arguably one of the most stacked crews in all of skiing, and with some epic teases on his Instagram, Sammy is about to blow the roof off of the skiing community.


To Be


Armada Skis | DeepEST Days

Some have even said that he could be the next "Candide" in the sense of trick bag, skillset, and all-around badassery. What do you think?