Tired of the status quo at the magazine rack lately? Well apparently K2 was. For the 2005/2006 season they've created a 96 page full featured mag/brochure titled "K2 Skeeze" intended for the core.

"We feel like there is an huge void when it comes to magazines that speak to the 12 to 24 skiers of our sport. This comes at a time where the future of twin tip skiing has never been brighter. So, why isn't anyone speaking directly to this demographic at such a pivotal time in the evolution of skiing? Since no one else appears to be doing anything about it, we decided to take it upon ourselves to produce a magazine that is a true reflection of the sport, expressed through the words, views and thoughts of the athletes." explains K2's Mike Gutt.

K2 wasn't alone on this mission, they enlisted the help of their athletes, Micah Abrams of FREEZE fame, and the boys over at Nemo Design.

As another bonus the magazine will be free and K2 is hoping to get a grassroots distribution system dialed to make sure the mag is reaching their intended audience. We're in the process of getting details on how you can make sure you get a chance to check it out.