What’s up NS! We’ve wanted to bring a proper park guide to the site for several years now and it’s finally here just the way we want it: impartial and crowdsourced. This past summer, long-time member David Stanley @Dstan hit us up with a proposal. He had developed an app called Ullr which would allow for the gathering of user-submitted data on parks across the globe, and wanted to know whether we could host it on the site?

It seemed too good to be true but turned out to just be a perfect match. Like us, David wanted a park guide for skiers, by skiers. A guide that he and his friends could use to figure out where’s best to go and ride at any given time, be it in their local area, or on trips. Ullr is designed so that those who ride can add photos of the features in their park so that NS members and Ullr users can see exactly what is up at each hill.

You can find the guide in the ‘more’ section of the Newschoolers nav-bar. We hope you’ll contribute by entering the details of your park into the system this coming winter.

Check it out here