Keywords is a new series from Good Company, conceived in the mind of none other than Karl Fostvedt, who I asked a few questions about the whole shebang.

"Good Company is good company. We're trying to enjoy our time in the mountains and in the streets while surrounding ourselves with good company. Most of us aren't trying to get rich off of skiing. Our focus is to get rich in experience and translate those experiences to enjoyable pieces of media for anyone who's interested in skiing."

When your crew consists some of the most talented skiers and filmers in the game, looking through old shots has to be a blast and Karl is no exception to that. "I like to plug a bunch of drives into 1 computer and search keywords to see what kind of madness will come up. It's really fun to search a keyword like "nollie" and then watch every variation of nollie that we've caught on film in the last few seasons".

It was during one of these hard drive sessions that Karl came up with the idea of turning the tagged clips into a series, where each edit would consist of the shots described by each Keyword. And how will they choose which Keyword to pick? Well they won't, you will.

The first Keyword edit "Crash" launched today and with it comes a poll to pick the Keyword of the next edit. The overarching idea here is "Raw and authentic media. Keywords isn't about being a superhero skier, it's about showcasing an authentic look into the moments that didn't make the cut and reliving the ones that did."

And the whole format gives Good Company a chance to see what resonates with their audience. "I'm stoked to see the feedback from the Newschoolers community. Knowing which keywords get y'all stoked will help us know what content to focus on in the future. Say "crash" is a keyword everyone loves, then we will be doing our best to offer "crash2.0" next season, and so forth."